Sunday, August 9, 2009

Same name, different person

I have, rather obviously, known all my life that there were other people with my same name, at least the same first and last names. In junior high, there was another "Jeff Smith"; I was once mistakenly called into the principal's office on his behalf. When I bought tickets to the Seahawks versus Dolphins AFC championship game back in the day, my excellent tickets, which required some non-trivial effort to obtain, went to some other "Jeff Smith" while I received his less excellent tickets, due to some incompetent person in the Seahawks' ticket office.

What I did not expect so much is that there would be someone else called "econjeff", but there is that too. You can see him (or her) at work in the comments section of this post. I think it is true that he always writes "EconJeff" while I always write "econjeff".

Just so you know.