Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oregon 44, Washington 10

So I stayed up late (even though I am enjoying a cold this weekend) to watch Washington and Oregon on FSN.

Here is the game story from the Seattle Times. Some thoughts:

1. The new kids were really nervous at the start, and spotted Oregon 14 points early on that were hard to deal with later.

2. Locker looked fed up with the whole thing. I think there really is some danger that he will take off for the NFL at the end of this year if things do not improve.

3. The schedule really is crazy. What was the AD thinking? Next week, Michigan gets to rally against Miami of Ohio while Washington has to deal with BYU, which is ranked higher than Oregon.

4. Locker did not seem 100 percent and his connection with the receivers really seemed to have suffered from his sitting out so many practices.

5. Ronnie Fouch, the backup QB, looked pretty good, and seemed better connected to the young receivers. Of course, he was getting all the snaps with the first team that Locker did not get while he was sitting out.

6. Washington will be pretty lucky to be 2-3 after the first five games. Sigh.