Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Movie: WALL-E

We saw WALL-E last night. It is great fun: original, creative, with amazing animation and lots of references to movies past. The (musical) references to 2001: A Space Odyssey actually got me to laugh out loud. One way to think about WALL-E is as a Disney / Pixar remake of the great 70s dystopia Silent Running with Bruce Dern. There is a lot going on and the reviewer I read who said this is an adult movie disguised as a children's movie was right on. The politics is actually not heavy-handed enough to be annoying, contrary to a different review that I read. After all, how can you be annoyed with Fred Willard? The exception is the closing credits, which you can skip by leaving right when the movie ends.

In short, recommended.

The children in front of us were curious, and constantly asking questions of their parents. The children behind us were simply not disciplined. Hopefully E turns out like the first set, something that is surely at least partly endogenous.