Saturday, July 19, 2008

Evaluation with faces

Go here and then go to page 15 of the file (which is page number 12 of the report). This report is an evaluation of the UK program (or programme over there) called the New Deal 25+ performed on contract by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Things to note:

1. The faces help out struggling policy wonks who cannot otherwise distinginguish good results from bad.

2. The evaluation results summarized in the table are all essentially meaningless. Most of the report results consist either of outcome levels - what fraction were employed - instead of impacts - what fraction were employed who would not have been without the program. As many (if not most or all) of the participants would have found employment on their own, the results summarized here wildly exaggerate the causal effect of the program. The remaining results consist of participant self-evaluations which have been shown to be unrelated to impacts in my work with Alex Whalley and Nat Wilcox.

I wonder how much the British taxpayer paid for this?

Hat tip: me, trying to find out when the ND25+ started for a referee report.