Sunday, November 5, 2017

Rating college football stadia

From the Thrillist website comes this "top 25" list of college football stadia (or stadiums if we must).

I have been to four of them:

No. 1. Rose Bowl - for actual Rose Bowls as opposed to UCLA home games. I am fine with its position on top of the list.

No. 3. Husky Stadium - that's where I have season tickets. I might have put it at #2 though I will confess that it I was surprised that it was higher on the list than Notre Dame stadium. I suppose it depends a lot on the relative weights on scenery versus history. They could have found a nicer picture so that you could see the mountains in the distance through the open end.

No. 6 Michigan Stadium a.k.a. the Big House. It is cool to be in a stadium with so many people - the Rose Bowl provides a similar experience in that regard. But damn the seats are uncomfortable: too narrow and no backs.

No. 7 Notre Dame Stadium. I've only been to one game here - thanks Bill! - but it is pretty amazing in terms of the history and football culture. Plus the other fans were remarkably friendly despite their team losing to Michigan at home.

I am sure that multiple visits to No. 12, Camp Randall at Wisconsin, are in my future.

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