Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New editor at Reason

Here is the announcement from reason and here is an interview. My favorite bit of the interview:
One of the great pleasures of Reason — as an editor and (I hope) as a reader — is listening in on five decades of freewheeling conversation about how to make the world more free, more fair and more fun," says Mangu-Ward, a self-described "Beltway baby" and "D.C. lifer" who's an Alexandria, Virginia native and lives in the capital.
Who would argue that there is not far too little emphasis on fun in American political discourse more generally? It is all grim conservatives going on about the end of civilization and endless war and grim progressives going on about their endless moral purification campaigns.

Having been reading reason since my college days, I can say from my own experience that every editor brings a different flavor to the magazine. My favorite to date was probably Nick Gillespie who gave it a more cultural spin - not surprising given he has a doctorate in English - with lots of talk about gatekeepers and such.

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