Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New US News economics rankings

Michigan is #13 overall, #5 in public finance and #6 in labor economics.

I am puzzled a bit by the labor economics ratings, though, as it is hard to see how Chicago ends up below Berkeley. There are a lot of really good labor economists in Hyde Park. There are some in Berkeley too, but not nearly as many by my count.

Also a bit puzzling is Minnesota at #11; apparently US News does not share the view that you need to be a full service department (i.e. you need to do more than be really, really good at one style of macro) to get a good ranking.

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Alphonso Corneliud said...

You don't seem to understand, EconJeff. Macro IS economics and economics IS macro. No one outside of your bubble really cares about regressions about menstrual cups and sumo wrestlers.