Friday, August 3, 2012

Movie: Your Sister's Sister

We Your Sister's Sister last night at the State Theater in Ann Arbor.

Two bits of A.O. Scott's review (which ends rather suddenly as though he ran out of time before his deadline, capture the spirit):
You could call “Your Sister’s Sister” a group portrait of youthful solipsists in an era of economic contraction and social malaise, but that wouldn’t be quite right. Self-absorption is not the subject; it is the paint.
Unfortunately the easygoing mood does not last. The film’s late swerves into melodrama and the neighboring region of farce feel panicky and pandering. The subtlety of the performances — Ms. DeWitt’s in particular — is sacrificed for easy laughs, shallow tears and a coy trick ending. Just when it was starting to get interesting.
Not a perfect movie, but I liked it better than either A.O. Scott or my wife.  It is gentle fun, and you get a lot of really, really gorgeous Pacific Northwest scenery.

Oh, and a note to A.O. Scott, the cabin is on an island in Puget Sound, not on the coast. Get your map out, man!


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