Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Conspiratorial fun

Did Sarah Palin fake the birth of Trig Palin? Apparently not.

But the real thrill of conspiracy theories, like this one and its intellectual sibling the Obama "birther" conspiracy recently revived by Donald Trump, is going deeper. Perhaps the Republicans really started the conspiracy theory about Trig Palin so that the Obama "birther" people would look less stupid by comparison? Surely the Koch brothers have been sending checks to the professor at Northern Kentucky University (Go Norse!) whose paper has revived the Trig conspiracy? Where is the expose from the Huffing-and-puffing Post or Mother Jones? Maybe the Koch brothers are secretly paying them off too? Or maybe the federal reserve is somehow involved? Or the Illuminati? Or the Holy Grail? Or Elvis? Or aliens?

Good to know there is nothing important to talk about instead, like the budget.

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