Friday, June 4, 2010

Further evidence that Denmark is not the US

From a piece in the Copenhagen Post on the important role of sex positive guest lecturers (!) in Danish sex education courses:

There’s more to sex than anal sex and STDs. There’s pleasure, games and respect for your own and others’ boundaries. But students don’t know this as their parents don’t talk about sex. Teenagers are often abandoned to shy teachers’ scary pictures of unwanted pregnancies, the boasting of friends or to porn films,’ said sexologist Jenna Harragaard Christensen to Urban newspaper.

My (sex segregated) sex education class in junior high featured Al the physical education teacher lecturing about anatomy and VD. Oddly, I did much better in the course than the students who were actually having sex, which I was still years away from at the time. I would venture to say that we were all already pretty positive about sex even without a guest lecturer.

Hat tip: do you even have to ask?

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