Thursday, March 12, 2009

BOB at Michigan

My colleague Joel Slemrod has started an informal campaign to nickname the luxurious new building (next door to our less luxurious old building) constructed by the Ross School of business that opened earlier this year.

In particular, he wants to call it BOB, for "Big Orange Building". I like this plan; part of the point of this post is to help advance Joel's campaign.

A variant has BOB standing for "Bright Orange Building". I like this one less because the color is more of a rust orange than a clown hair orange.

Addendum: A reader from another university suggests:
How about Butt-ugly Orange Building? May be that would [be] BUOB? Looks like a Hyatt and has the character of it. ... I guess the idea is to get the students ready for their future career of slogging around the country staying in charmless hotels.