Sunday, December 28, 2008

Throwing shoes at Bush

I've been puzzled by the whole shoe-throwing business on several dimensions. First, I am puzzled by the left's enthusiasm for this fellow. I thought the left was all about reasoned discourse and journalistic objectivity. How can one both celebrate the shoe-thrower and complain about Fox News? Would it not be preferable for the journalist to write a thoughtful op-ed piece like an adult rather than throwing his shoes, like an ill-tempered child? Second, I am puzzled by all the hoopla on the right as well. If we have moved from IEDs to shoes, this is big progress! More generally, the huge amounts of coverage and attention from the media and the blogosphere that this got seems to suggest a lack of seriousness, eh? Is there really nothing else Iraq that it would be useful for American viewers to see or read about?

Have said all that, here is a game where you too can throw shoes at President Bush.

Hat tip (on the game): Ken Troske