Thursday, June 12, 2008


I don't agree with many of his policy views, and I won't be voting for him (or for McCain) this fall, and I do think Americans make the presidency out to be much, much more important than it should be (or even actually is).

At the same time, I share the sentiment of Megan McArdle here. This is a good and amazing thing and it is nice that it happened in time for many older black Americans who grew up under segregation to see it.

More broadly, I would say that the two candidates this year are the best set since the 1996 election. Both parties have done better than either of the last two rounds. Sure, that is not a very high bar, but if the primaries had gone differently, both parties could have failed to surpass it. Just imagine John Edwards versus Mike Huckabee in a mighty electoral battle that only Jeff Foxworthy could love.

Hat tip: Virginia Postrel